Spores Network Ecosystem

Spores Network is a GameFi and Metaverse Publisher seeking to empower Web3 experiences that integrate with culturally forward Entertainment IP and Corporate Brands
GameFi / Metaverse Publisher
Entertainment IP and Corporate Brands
iconGameFi Studio
Boutique Launchpad
Rug-Proof Mechanisms
Guaranteed Allocation
High-Quality Projects
  • Identify, invest, incubate, and operate experienced Web3 design teams in-house; delivering VC services across CMO (brand activation, community development, marketing), CFO (finance), and blockchain technology solutions to launch
  • IDO, INO, IGO partnerships
  • Offers access to high value platforms at early-stage pricing
  • Spores develops own metaverses – Voxel, 3D
  • Spores is a landowner who owns and rents land across other metaverses.
  • Offers open world to entertainment IP and corporate brands
  • Creates advertising, media, and event activation opportunities
Value Creation
  • Token / Equity Value of Incubated Projects
  • Revenue from Incubated Projects
  • GameFi Revenue Sources
    Metaverse Revenue Sources

Vision & Mission

Spores Network Founders believe that the decentralization of ownership and burgeoning metaverse will uniquely bridge our digital and physical lives
Spores mission is to create a GameFi / Metaverse Publisher that is creator-centric, community driven, and borderless engaging entertainment IP and corporate brands.
Spores GameFi / Metaverse Publisher incubates, launches (IDO, IGO, INO), and operates NFT stack projects.
Spores Metaverse ecosystem encompasses physical and digital experiences (phygital) that generate community engagement and revenue through our NFT aggregator marketplace, Republique gallery and retail experience, and cross-chain metaverses.
Everything we do is from the lens of being Asian-influenced with Global Reach.
Spores Network is the leading multi-chain launchpad for IDOs and INOs of up-and-coming high quality web3 projects, in which user can seamlessly participate & support the project!