Launchpad Tier System

Requirement SPO250,000500,0001,000,0002,000,0004,000,00010,000,00025,000,00050,000,000
Pool weight12.104.409.2819.5251.20134.00282.00
Allocation BasedGuaranteeGuaranteeGuaranteeGuaranteeGuaranteeGuaranteeGuaranteeGuarantee
Winning chance100%100%100%100%100%100%100%100%


1. Will the Tier System be applied to all upcoming INO, IDO?

This tier system can be applied for both INO & IDO. However, for special launches, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to accommodate & benefit our community members.

2. What is Pool Weight and how will it affect my accessibility and allocation?

Pool weight is the amount that users can buy in accordance with their VIP level. Based on the inventory/allocation for each project, we will calculate the corresponding dollar amount. Example: 1x = $100 VIP III - Guaranteed Allocation: 2.5x Maximum amount you can buy: 2.5 x $100 = $250

3. What is the mechanism behind the Lottery System?

Based on the number of participants in VIP I & VIP I, we willI apply the 20% lottery system and choose users at random out of the total number of qualified users. Example: If VIP I has 100 qualified users, there will be 20 winners participating in the sale.

4. How will your Tier System, especially with Pool Weight be more beneficial to members?

The more $SPO you stake, the more tokens you are guaranteed to buy.

5. Will the SPO amount needed stays the same regardless of market conditions?

Yes, you need to stake the required number of SPOs & achieve VIP level to participate in IDO/INO

6. How can I participate in Spores upcoming Launchpad programs?

1️⃣ Register for Whitelist* 2️⃣ Stake the required number of SPOs 3️⃣ Tier snapshot & confirmation 4️⃣ Participate in INO/IDO with assigned VIP tier *For IDO, you are required to do KYC