A cross-chain DeFi-powered NFT marketplace defining decentralized pop culture

Creator centricity



Check out all of these gorgeous digital art with beautiful art-work, you guessed it, the state of the art in your eyes

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Explore the new adventure of esport on nft

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Where anime fans own unique items with nft

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NFTs Shift Power to Artists as the Music Business Evolves

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NFT in Independent Film

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Deep dive in the new journey gaming

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Key Features


NFT fractionalization, fungible tokenization and NFT pool-making, utilizing DeFi lending and farming facilities

Batch minting & transfer
Multi-Chain Operability

Easy minting and managing NFTs on multiple chains, buying/selling & swapping items across many blockchains

Batch minting & transfer
Crypto & Fiat Payment

Cross-chain payment with multiple types of crypto-currency, on ramp and off ramp solutions for many fiat-currencies



SPO token

The native token of Spores Platform is designed for community governance and DeFi utilization with NFT-creator-centricity and DeFi-community-driven purpose.

SPO is used to incentivize NFT creators, buyers, agents, and liquidity providers across the ecosystem.

SPO Token Metrics



3 Year roadmap





Contract systems for ERC-721 and ERC-20

Internal testing NFT marketplace


Launch NFT marketplace

LP staking and farming

ERC-1155 implementation

Testing contract systems on Cardano

Polygon/Matic layer-2 solution

Integrating BSC Ecosystem


Integrating Cardano Ecosystem

DeFi gamifying experiment

Connecting WAX gaming ecosystems

Multi-currency payment (cryptos and fiats)

Piloting smartcontract solution for NFT payment on Bitcoin



NFT-DeFi solutions on Cardano

DeFi gamification release

Expanding to Solana, Polkadot

Integrating cross-chain NFT solutions


AI assistant and check

Expanding to Avalanche, Tron

Lending for NFTs



Cross-chain atomic swap for NFTs

Cross-chain payment solution


SDK to build NFT storefronts on Spores

NFT solution for tangible assets

Founding Team

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Founder of Edge Learning Centers, expanded across 6 cities and 4 countries, sold to Rise Education Cayman Limited (Nasdaq:REDU) before its U.S. IPO in late 2017.

MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business; BA from Yale University

Duc Luu

Chairman, Co-founder

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Former senior investment analyst of Elliott Management, one of the top ten world’s largest hedge fund with over $35bn assets under management.

MSc. Finance from Imperial College London; BSc. from London School of Economics, London.

Eric Hung Nguyen

CEO, Co-founder

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Former blockchain & cryptonomics researcher at Hong Kong Applied Science & Technology Research Institute in 2019.

PhD candidate in Blockchain, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Paven Do

CTO, Co-founder

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Secured $30M USD fund of the $120M USD budget for the co-production Sci-Fi film, "Black Hole" (written by Brad Peyton “San Andreas”, “Rampage”).

Visual Environmental Studies & Economics at Harvard University

Allen V. Dam

CCO, Chief Content Officer

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Gallerist / Consultant with 20+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Asian modern & contemporary art market.

Jeffrey Lee

Chief Art Curator

Advisory team

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Vice President, Assoc. Director of Big Data Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Prof. Yang WANG

Scientific Advisor

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Founding partner of NGC Ventures, one of the largest institutional investors of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and has been a key contributor to a number of leading blockchain projects

Roger Lim


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Creator of the famous classic American Mcgee’s Alice, Oz Adventures and Plushie Dreadfuls.

American McGee

Creative Advisor

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20+ year video game industry veteran with extensive game development experience on emerging platforms.

Matt Orlich

Game & Esports Advisor

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Assoc. Prof. at Computer Science Dept. University of Houston (UH), directing several blockchain projects (over $1M). His team has published bundles of papers on DLT topics: theoretical analysis, privacy coins, incentive modeling, system design, etc.

Dr. Larry Shi

Blockchain Advisor


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